Wreck and Ruin Board Game

Wreck and Ruin Board Game Wreck and Ruin is a vehicle miniature board game set in the not-too distant future of a post-apocalyptic world 2-4 players can choose between four factions and make up their convoy from the four classes of vehicles available scouts are fast and can shoot on the move but are weak buggies can repair other vehicles wreckers are powerful vehicles designed to crush their opponents big rigs are slow but have strong attacks and can soak up damage and still keep going too!The game is played on a series of tiles which allows for different challenges each time you play Fight for control over salvage sites placed on the map counting as victory points but also provide salvage cardsEach player has action points that they use to move repair shoot or ram their opponents tactical positioning affects how many dice you roll improving your chances of success Salvage cards can be bought or found special equipment which can help you in your moment of need as well as your enemies the world is equally dangerous event cards affect the entire board and can hinder your plans and on the rare occasion also help you!Players 2-4Playing time 60-90 minsAges 14



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