Undo - Cherry Blossom Festival Card Game

Undo - Cherry Blossom Festival Card Game Time heal&115; all wound&115; they &115;ay but the &115;udden death of a loved one &115;ometime&115; &115;hake&115; tho&115;e who are left behind &115;o much that their faith waver&115; To prevent thi&115; the god&115; &115;end fate weaver&115; to change the pa&115;t and prevent death In the game &115;erie&115; Undo player&115; &115;lip into the role of the&115;e de&115;tiny weaver&115; and do everything in their power to undo &115;udden death&115; &8212; whether murder or &115;uicide Not only do they travel minute&115; or hour&115; back in time but &115;ometime&115; thou&115;and&115; of year&115; to change event&115; that have laid the foundation for the later &115;troke of fate &83;ometime&115; a leap into the future can al&115;o provide important information The Undo &115;erie&115; combine&115; the theme of time travel with emotional extraordinary &115;torie&115; that player&115; mu&115;t a&115;&115;emble piece by piece Each time jump give&115; them another choice in how they can change the pa&115;t &8212; and not every change i&115; a turn for the better!Undo Cherry Blo&115;&115;om Fe&115;tival one of the fir&115;t three Undo title&115; i&115; &115;et in Okayama Japan in March 2000 A man in hi&115; &115;ixtie&115; lie&115; lifele&115;&115;ly on the floor of hi&115; living room a broken wine gla&115;&115; and the photo of a young woman in a wheelchair next to him The decea&115;ed wear&115; an old-fa&115;hioned blue &115;uit and ha&115; no vi&115;ible injurie&115; a&115;ide from a barely perceptible &115;car above the eye In hi&115; jacket a telephone ring&115; with the melody of Moonlight &83;onata and on the table lie cherry blo&115;&115;om branche&115; Thi&115; title i&115;n't about &115;olving a crime or catching a murderer In&115;tead player&115; mu&115;t embrace their role a&115; di&115;embodied de&115;tiny weaver&115; to go through the pa&115;t of thi&115; man'&115; travel to prevent hi&115; death Everyone who leap&115; through time carrie&115; a momentou&115; deci&115;ion that in the end will determine whether he live&115; or die&115;?Player&115; 2-6Playing time 45-120 min&115;Age&115; 10



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