The Van Rijn Method: The Technic Civilization Saga #1

The Van Rijn Method: The Technic Civilization Saga #1 When the human race spread out among the stars they took the profit motive with them and none exemplified that fact better than Nicholas Van Rijn interstellar trader and capitalist extraordinaire He might look like Falstaff and talk in a steady stream of malapropisms but anybody who might take him for a bumbling buffoon would quickly find themselves taken—to the cleaners! In Nick Van Rijn Poul Anderson created one of the most memorable and popular characters in science fiction and now for the first time all the stories of Van Rijn and the Polesotechnic League will be published in chronological order in three volumes This first volume includes the classic novel The Man Who Counts in which Van Rijn and two associates are stranded on a planet inhabited by a winged race two factions of which happen to be at war with each other The planet has no food that is not poisonous to humans and the three humans have only a small supply of food in their wrecked ship Somehow the humans must get to another continent where a human outpost is before they starve in spite of the planet’s inhabitants being too busy fighting a war to bother with the troubles of these three odd-looking wingless aliens An impossible problem? Not for Nick Van Rijn Also included are more stories of Van Rijn flamboyant exploits plus stories set elsewhere in the Polesotechnic universe And after the three volumes chronicling the Polesotechnic League’s rise and fall will come more volumes telling of the rise of the Terran Empire and the adventures of Poul Anderson’s other legendary character Captain Sir Dominic Flandry About the AuthorPoul Anderson was one of the most prolific and popular writers in science fiction He won the Hugo Award seven times and the Nebula Award three times as well as many other awards notably including the Grand Master Award of the Science Fiction Writers of America for a lifetime of distinguished achievement With a degree in physics and a wide knowledge of other fields of science he was noted for building stories on a solid foundation of real science as well as for being one of the most skilled creators of fast-paced adventure stories He was author of over a hundred novels and story collections and several hundred short stories as well as several mysteries and non-fiction books He died in 2001



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