Teaching-you Stress Management Skills

Teaching-you Stress Management Skills Your indispensable guide to coping with and managing your stress levels Stress is now considered to be a part of everyday life for many people - but surprisingly a large number of people are unaware that they are even suffering from stress let alone how to manage it effectively Stress is an internal response to a situation we might find hard to handle and although we cannot change many of the external triggers of stress we can change the effect that stressful situations have on us through effective stress management Is your stress personality typical of a &39;Type A&39; or &39;Type B&39; character? What is your personal response to stress? Do you Fight or take Flight? How is your mental fitness IQ compared to others? Take an honest look at yourself and find the answers to these questions and much more in Teaching-you Stress Management Skills This indispensable course in stress management instructs you in how to understand recognise and cope with stress using a wide variety of techniques including audio-visual clips mini-progress tests and personal assessments Chart your progress and success with this program as you learn the best methods of coping with and managing stress in order to create a happier more positive and more successful working environment!Key FeaturesPre-assessment and evaluation determines your personal stress levelsMini-progress tests check your understanding as you progress through the topicsAudio visual clips with key supporting bullet points - listen to the video then remind yourself of the key pointsVideo examples - watch as you&39;re shown the best way to cope with stressful situationsClearly categorised sections that are easy to followQuick Start allows you to begin the course from where you previously finishedFollow your progress on the main menu - know what sections you have already coveredPost assessment tests your understanding of the material covered and provides you with a personal stress evaluation as well as tips for further studyProvides advice on additional resources available for stress management


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