Starfinder Flip-Mat Urban Sprawl

Starfinder Flip-Mat Urban Sprawl Whether You’Re Fighting Cybernetically Augmented Gangsters In The Dirty Streets Of A Metropolis Or Simply Out For A Night On The Town No Game Master Wants To Spend Precious Game Time Drawing Every Filthy Alley Or Neon-Lit Boulevard Fortunately With Paizo’S Latest Starfinder Flip-Mat You Don’T Have To! This Line Of Gaming Maps Provides Ready-To-Use Science-Fantasy Set Pieces For The Busy Game Master This Double-Sided Map Features An Upscale Futuristic City Center On One Side And The Dark And Dangerous Alleys Of A Dystopian Megacity On The Other Providing The Perfect Setting For Any Science-Fantasy Urban Escapade Don’T Waste Time Sketching When You Could Be Playing With Starfinder Flip-Mat Urban Sprawl You’Ll Always Be Ready Next Time Your Players Take To The Streets Looking For Trouble! A Special Coating On Each Flip-Mat Allows You To Use Wet Erase Dry Erase And Permanent Markers With Ease! Removing Permanent Ink Is Easy—Simply Trace Over Any Permanent Mark With A Dry Erase Marker Wait 10 Seconds Then Wipe Off Both Marks With A Dry Cloth Or Paper Towel



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