Ragnarok Volume 2: Lord Of The Dead Hardcover

Ragnarok  Volume 2: Lord Of The Dead Hardcover Ragnarök the doom of the gods has finally occurred But the long-held belief that evil would be destroyed along with the gods in that final conflagration proved false Only the gods died The Nine Worlds collapsed and became the Dusk Lands a vast twilight realm inhabited by men trolls demons and shattered kingdoms under the tyranny of the Great Enemies After hundreds of years a single god emerged into the post-Ragnarök world Thor the God of Thunder But Angantyr the Lord of the Dead has discovered his reappearance and unleashes his draugar the undead walkers against the Thunder God seeking to destroy the last vestige of the former worlds and the only hope for the present one Meet the AuthorOver the course of his career Walter "Walt" Simonson has written and drawn nearly every major character from both Marvel and DC Comics with his run on Marvel&39;s Thor from 1983 to 1987—in which he created the character Beta Ray Bill—being a particular standout His other notable works include an adaptation of Alien with his Manhunter collaborator and close friend Archie Goodwin; Star Wars; The Fantastic Four; and Orion and Elric In the 1980s and 1990s Simonson resurrected the concepts from his college thesis creating an original graphic novel and miniseries featuring the Star Slammers In 2014 Simonson launched Ragnarok with IDW Publishing a creator-owned series that once again brings him back to his beloved Norse mythology



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