Nickelodeon Pandemonium volume 2 Hardcover

Nickelodeon Pandemonium volume 2 Hardcover Nickelodeon’s funniest (and most mysterious) characters are featured in all-new comics! Harvey Beaks investigates a mysterious disappearance! Pig Goat Banana Cricket contemplate spy cams! (What are they and what do they want?) SwaySway and Buhdeuce Breadwinners do what they do best—deliver delicious breads in their rocket van at breakneck speed—or do they? And Sanjay and his best friend and pet snake Craig continue to enjoy the finer things in life—such as investigating the strange activities of their next-door neighbor Noodman Meet the AuthorERIC ESQUIVEL is an author screenwriter and journalist whose previous comic book work includes stories for the ADVENTURE TIME BRAVEST WARRIORS SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and WONDERLAND franchises as well as the original series BLACKEST TERROR BOO! CALABRESE and LOKI RAGNAROK AND ROLL STEFAN PETRUCHA is the author of such YA series as Timetripper Split and The Rule of Won as well as NANCY DREW DIARIES POWER RANGERS PAPERCUTZ SLICES and many other series from Papercutz He has written X-Files comics for Topps Disney comics for Egmont and he was nominated for a Stoker Award for his graphic novelKolchak The Devil in the Details CARSON MONTGOMERY SHANE HOUGHTON and KEVIN KRAMER are Emmy award winning staff writers for the HARVEY BEAKS animated series BRANDON BAKER is a staff artist at the Nickelodeon Animation Studios ANDREAS SCHUSTER is a freelance Cartoonist with a Diploma in Illustration from the University of Düsseldorf He has worked in the animation industry for the last several years focusing mostly on storyboards and character design for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network



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