Neverland DVD

Neverland DVD Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Neverland reveals the never-before-told story of how Peter Pan became the Boy Who Never Grew Up It&39;s an enthralling fantasy adventure for all of the family starring Rhys Ifans Anna Friel Charles Dance Bob Hoskins with Charlie Rowe as Peter and Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinker Bell It&39;s 1906 and young ragamuffin Peter (Rowe) and his gang of pickpockets earn their keep by committing robberies for crooked fencing instructor Jimmy (Ifans) Hired by the enigmatic Richard Fludd (Dance) to steal a mysterious orb from an antiques shop Jimmy involves Peter and his friends little knowing that the sphere acts as a gateway to another world When the orb is accidentally activated during the robbery Peter looks on as Jimmy and the boys are transported to the magical realm of Neverland Confronting Fludd Peter finds his own way to Neverland but discovers that Jimmy and the boys have already been captured by pirates led by the beautiful but ruthless Captain Elizabeth Bonny (Friel) Meanwhile Peter is saved from a swarm of angry &39;Tree Spirits&39; by a group of Kaw Indians who reveal that they&39;ve been in Neverland for hundreds of years and have never aged a day Onboard the pirate ship Jolly Roger Jimmy finds himself drawn to Bonny and her maniacal plans for ruling Neverland Desperate to get her hands on the powerful &39;mineral dust&39; that gives the Tree Spirits their power Bonny plots against the Kaws who protect the magical creatures from harm Peter sets out to save his friends and find a way back to London but discovers that his beloved mentor Jimmy has been much changed by Bonny&39;s malign influence As Bonny&39;s cruel methods cut a swathe of destruction through Neverland Peter finds his loyalty to the increasingly unhinged Jimmy tested as a remarkable series of events set him on the path to becoming the Boy Who Never Grew Up This two-part Peter Pan prequel features thrilling action and a superb A-list cast Directed by Willing the visionary film-maker behind miniseries Alice and Tin Man Neverland explores the origins of classic characters like Peter Pan and Captain Hook and the very nature of the world created by author JM Barrie Also featuring Knightley as the voice of Tinkerbell and Hoskins as Smee a character he first played in Steven Spielberg&39;s Hook Neverland is a star-studded family spectacular brought to the screen with imagination and verve Actors Rhys Ifans Anna Friel Charles Dance Q&39;orianka Kilcher Charlie Rowe Bob Hoskins Keira Knightley Raoul Trujillo Cas Anvar George Aguilar James Ainsworth Patrick Gibson Lorn Macdonald Thomas Patten & Brandon RobinsonDirector Nick WillingCertificate PGYear 2011Languages English



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