Mystery Society Definitive Edition

Mystery Society Definitive Edition Intrigue cover-ups conspiracy plots secretsMystery Discover a steam-punk and pulp-influenced world where science and the supernatural collide from two masters of the comics medium Anastasia Collins beautiful smart seductive not to be messed with Nick Hammond handsome suave lethal going to prison Together they are the Mystery Society They are rich resourceful refined determined to uncover the paranormal secrets of the world&39;s underbelly and in need of new recruits A ghoul named Secret Skull two twin girls Nick sprung from Area 51 and a robot with the brain of Jules Verne are up for the job If the burgeoning team can escape the government baddies they&39;ve ticked off reverse the smear campaign waged against Nick and uncover the secrets of the twins&39; powers they just might have time to chase down leads for their first case finding the missing skull of Edgar Allan Poe About the Author Steve Niles (born June 21 1965) is an American comic book author and novelist known for works such as 30 Days of Night Criminal Macabre Simon Dark Mystery Society and Batman Gotham County Line He is credited among other contemporary writers as bringing horror comics back to prominence  Fiona Staples is a comic book artist living in Calgary Canada She has illustrated comics such as Mystery Society Done to Death Secret History of the Authority Hawksmoor Jonah Hex and Northlanders and contributed covers to DV8 THUNDER Agents Criminal Macabre SupermanBatman Archie and more Her work on the 2009 horror series North 40 was nominated for an Eisner Award and she took home the 2011 Shuster Award for Outstanding Cover Artist She’s currently working on the ongoing Image series Saga with writer Brian K Vaughan



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