Mickey's Christmas Collection DVD

Mickey's Christmas Collection DVD Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play Mickeys Once Upon A Christmas - Disney&39;s biggest stars shine in a magical all-new movie - sure to become a holiday classic! Mickey Minnie and their famous friends Goofy Donald Daisy and Pluto gather together to reminisce about the love magic and surprises in three wonder-filled stories of Christmas past In the fine tradition of Disney&39;s superb storytelling Minnie and Mickey recall the year they both gace up what what was most importent to them for the sake of the other making for one unforgettable Christmas Goofy and Max retell when they experienced a series of hilarious but season-shaking events until a visit from the real Santa made it a most magical holiday Thinking back to when they wished Christmas was every day Donald&39;s nephews Huey Dewey and Louie remember their dreams turining into a comical catastrophe eventually learning what true holiday spirit is all about Featuring the entire cast in a finale of merry magical Christmas songs all the excitement of Mickey&39;s Once Upon A Christmas is ready to unwrap for holiday family fun!Languages English German Subtitles English English for the hearing impaired GermanMickey&39;s Twice Upon A Christmas - Find out who&39;s been naughty and who&39;s been nice in an all-new Christmas celebration Santa Claus Mickey Mouse and all his Disney pals star in an original movie about the importance of opening your heart to the true spririt of Christmas Watch the hilarious antics of stubborn old Donald as he tries in vain to resist the joy of the season and laugh along with Mickey and Pluto as they learn a great lesson about the power of friendship Through the magic of CGI you and your family can celebrate the festive season with a wonderful new look at your favourite Disney characters in an irresistible collection of Christmas stories Languages EnglishSpanishPortugueseSubtitles EnglishEnglish for the hearing impairedSpanishPortugueseMickey&39;s Magical Christmas - Join all of your favourite Disney animated superstars as they share a holiday celebration and sing a special song "The Best Christmas Of All" When a huge snowstorm leaves everyone stranded Mickey and all of his guests at The House Of Mouse break out the cookies and hot chocolate to help Donald mend tattered Christmas spirit As everybody lifts their voices in joyful song they realise that the "Best Christmas Of All" is the one you share with all of yout friends!Languages EnglishNorwegianDanishSubtitles English English for the hearing impaired Norwegian DanishCelebrate Christmas - Celebrate the happiest time of the year with this delightful animated gift from Mickey Donald and all your Disney friends From Pluto&39;s Christmas Tree to Ferdinand the bull&39;s fun-filled adventure this glorious collection of Disney tales is wonderful entertainment for everyone Enjoy pure Disney fun that&39;s sure to become a Christmas tradition for you and your family Languages English French Italian German Spanish Portuguese DutchSubtitles English English for the hearing impaired French Italian German Spanish Portuguese Dutch



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