Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Game DS

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Game DS Please note this is the NTSC version of the game which is compatible with PAL systems Any future DLC may require a US Nintendo Network account With more than 12 million copies sold worldwide the Kingdom Hearts series is one of the most beloved adventure series in videogame history Disney and Final Fantasy characters unite in a magical game world exciting players with its gripping storyline action-packed gameplay and imaginative worlds and engaging characters The series continues with Kingdom Hearts 3582 Days Follow Roxas the "other" hero from Kingdom Hearts II and discover more about his days as a member of the mysterious Organization XIII What is the connection between Roxas and Sora? Who is the mysterious 14th member and what were the reasons for Roxas&39; eventual departure from the organization? Kingdom Hearts 3582 Days answers these questions and much more Fully 3D environments and characters gigantic boss battles and an orchestral soundtrack push the Nintendo DS capabilities to the full Multiplayer Mode - for the first time in Kingdom Hearts up to four players can team-up as their favourite Organization XIII members A wide variety of missions to complete across a range of huge worlds Gameplay can be enjoyed in short sessions a design feature ideal for handheld play Limit Breaks! The special near-death ability from Final Fantasy VII is brought to the world of Kingdom Hearts allowing for explosive special attacks Panel System - organise your weapons spells abilities and even levels with this new system that makes you strategically think about what you can carry



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