Kabuki Volume 5 Metamorphosis

Kabuki Volume 5 Metamorphosis  She is the bastard child of head Noh assassin and a Giesha - her mother murdered and she horribly scarred by a dishonored half-brother She wears the mask of a Kabuki to hide the scars both internal and external from the world Volume V Skin Deep - A woman whose face is horribly scarred finds herself in an institution for &39;defective&39; government agents While there she is interrogated to find out if she is hiding something or if she is simply crazy Isolated and psychologically tormented Kabuki&39;s only friend is found in a mystery woman who sends her handwritten notes folded into origami animals Can Kabuki escape her captors before her former comrades track her down to silence her? A very personal metaphorical tale of self actualization told in a diverse array of art mediums breath taking paintings and poetic first person narrative layered in subtext and Japanese culture Uncover the nature of identity quantum physics time and the meaning of life! Author Biography David Mack is the creator author and artist of Kabuki Mack&39;s work has garnered nominations for the 1999 International Eagle Awards in the categories of Favorite Comic Artist (Painted) and Best Cover Art of the Year (Painted) the Eisner Award (America&39;s most prestigious comics award) in the category of the Best New Talent as well as many other awards and nominations worldwide  



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