Groom Lake

Groom Lake The truth is out er under there? In the remote Nevada desert there sits a dry lakebed called Groom Lake and under that land resides a secret base that holds all the secrets of the world Not this world either Karl Bauer father disappeared on him a year ago but he didn just out for cigarettes in the usual way of abandoning his kid Turns out his father was an alien abductee who was sent back with altered DNA that has forever changed Karl life too Karl is drawn - okay taken - to a secret base under Groom Lake in Nevada where he drawn into a plot to weaponize alien technology in the form of a new Manhattan Project Karl who is befriended by a cynical female worker and a group of unpredictable aliens leads an escape from the base even while closely pursued by a worldwide organization that will kill to preserve the greatest secret in (in-)human history There nowhere on the planet to hide and beyond even that Karl faces the twin threats of his altered DNA and a group of aliens whose true motivations are otherworldly to say the least Writer Chris Ryall and artist Ben Templesmith present a tale of abductions and probings conspiracies and secrets



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