Ghostbusters Card Game

Ghostbusters Card Game Who you gonna call? Compete against friends and family in Ghostbusters The Card Game to collect ghosts from the Ghostbusters universe You&39;ll call upon your favorite Ghostbusters to help you set your ghost trap and capture the highest point ghosts on the board The game is played over three rounds In each round players take turns beginning with the start player and continuing in clockwise order until all twelve cards from the circle have been captured On your turn carry out these three steps1 Take up to two actions either playing or discarding an action card for each action as you choose When you play an action card you carry out its effect then discard it; when you discard an action card place it on the discard pile then draw a new action card If any ghosts you&39;ve already captured have action abilities you may use those during this step in addition to your two actions Each ghost&39;s ability can be used only once per round 2 Capture the ghost card that the ghost trap is in front of but only if you played at least one action card this turn Take that ghost card and place it in your player area with any other ghosts you&39;ve already captured then move the ghost trap to the next ghost card in the circle — either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the current direction of play 3 Refill your hand to three action cards The round ends when the last ghost card remaining in the circle has been captured To prepare for the next round deal twelve more cards from the top of the ghost deck to form a new circle and reset the ghost trap to the top of the circle The game ends after three complete rounds then players calculate their score for captured ghost cards



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