Dimension W Volume 3

Dimension W  Volume 3 Famous novelist Shijuurou Sakaki dies mysteriously at Hotel Yasogami an isolated hotel in the middle of a lake The cause of his death? Drowning—despite the author being safely inside his own room To make matters more puzzling the video logs of the housekeeper robot that was with Sakaki at the time of his death appear to be corruptedDid the malfunctioning robot commit murder? Or was it the curse of the ghosts that haunt the depths of Lake Yasogami?! Kyouma and Mira surrounded by suspicious fellow guests must uncover the shocking story of a tragic accident from the past which will bring them that much closer to the truth behind the Coils!About the AuthorYuji Iwahara made his debut as a manga artist in 1994 His series Chikyu Misaki and King of Thorn have been published in English as well and the latter was adapted into an award-winning animated film Iwahara also designed the characters for the Darker Than Black anime (the manga of which is published by Yen Press) and is currently working on a new Darker Than Black manga series in Japan



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