Brabantia Home and Kitchen

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      Brabantia Guarantee

      Brabantia is a well known brand in its own right and is from a company that typifies durable solutions and lasting values. The reputation they've gained is a valuable asset. All Brabantia products carry a long-term guarantee and that shows how much they believe in their own products. If you walk around most homes you will probably find Brabantia products in the kitchen and throughout the home. Most have waste bins and use Brabantia bin liners! The laundry products like ironing tables (or ironing boards to most of us), laundry bins and rotary dryers are often there but forgotten about because they work well and last long. Outdoor rotary airers put up with harsh weather conditions and still last for years. The cookware, pans, tableware, food storage and kitchen utensils all have a place in the home.

      Tasty Colours

      Brighten up your kitchen with the tasty tools in bright and pastel colours. They have a complete collection of handy kitchen utensils in colours to match every kitchen.

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