Bon Appetit! Game

Bon Appetit! Game Welcome to Bon Appetit where we serve the most exquisite and rarest dishes in the world! The finest culinary achievements of our time are within your reach! There is one minor indulgence we will have to ask of you &8212; we only take payments in precious gems In Bon Appetit! you will compete with your friends to have the greatest meal of the evening Each turn players use precious gems to bid on various dishes which are presented before them The winner of each bid will not only collect valuable victory points but also a delicious skill which can be used during future auctions However with the value of gems changing each turn you must constantly stay on your toes to make sure that it is you who leaves the most satisfied with your meal When all dishes have been auctioned off the evening will come to a close The player with the most valuable dishes is the winner! Bon Appetit!Players 2-4Playing time 20 minsAges 8



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