Arokah Board Game

Arokah Board Game Arokah the ultimate multi-puzzle challenge Journey through the six levels of Arokah Mastery before taking on the Master Challenges and earning your place as a Master of Arokah Be aware the fiendishly difficult Master Challenges will test your resolve patience and determination to the limit The more you play the better you get Can you master the Arokah? Arokah is based on a new mathematical discovery by Steve C Brazier and represents a previously unknown naturally occurring phenomenon A unique set of shapes combine to form a multitude of beautiful organic designs many that resemble flowers and snowflakes found in nature Why the Arokah shapes create these remarkable patterns remains a mystery and is currently being explored by mathematicians at the University of Cambridge Discover the mystery!The ultimate multi-puzzle challenge Your journey to become a master of Arokah starts here!Includes 12 challenges of varying difficulty plus 3 Master ChallengesBased on a new mathematical discovery by Steve C Brazier



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