Ariol #9: The Teeth of the Rabbit

Ariol #9: The Teeth of the Rabbit Bouncer Ariol’s rabbit classmate is the best one at sports (even if he wears a dental device) That’s just one typical detail you’ll discover in the latest all-new collection of twelve delicately delightful Ariol stories Ariol that cute little blue donkey with the big eye glasses whose best friend is a pig who is hopelessly in love with a cow while a fly is equally head-over-heels in love with him (not that he cares) Ariol’s ever-expanding universe features many endearing characters that will remind you of your friends and (possibly) your enemies too After all Ariol’s just a donkey like you and me Meet the Author Emmanuel Guibert has written a great many graphic novels for young readers young and old among them theSardine in Outer Space series and The Professor&39;s Daughter with Joann Sfar Another of Guibert&39;s recent works isThe Photographer Showered with awards it relates a Doctors Without Borders mission in 1980&39;s Afghanistan through the eyes of a great reporter Guibert lives in Paris with his wife and daughter Originating from Burgundy (as do the best snails) Marc Boutavant now lives and works in Paris His work springs from a wry observation of life and the interaction of his friends and children Their quirks of personality mannerisms and reactions to situations are transposed into his characters



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