Archmage Board Games

Archmage Board Games A few magically talented individual&115; their devoted follower&115; in tow have been drawn from their village&115; acro&115;&115; the twi&115;ted wilderne&115;&115; to the Ruined City At the very heart of the city the cur&115;ed Tower of Magic ri&115;e&115; into the broiling cloud&115; From thi&115; vantage the Archmage and her Order of Mage&115; ruled the&115;e land&115; for an Age drawing together the warring magic&115; of the mythic race&115; into one all-powerful and cohe&115;ive force That wa&115; of cour&115;e before The Ending The Ruined City i&115; now home to but a fragment of the mythic race&115; that once &115;erved the Archmage and her Order And until now no human ha&115; dared &115;tep foot in the&115;e for&115;aken &115;treet&115; The newcomer&115; of human &115;tock are the de&115;cendant&115; of the ancient Mage&115; now outca&115;t&115; living in camp&115; in the farthe&115;t reache&115; of the land&115; Unu&115;ual &115;how&115; of power in their home village&115; have already gathered them &115;mall but enthu&115;ia&115;tic band&115; of follower&115; And now they have travelled to meet with repre&115;entative&115; of the mythic race&115; to &115;eek their wi&115;dom and magical &115;ecret&115; The mythic race&115; are the keeper&115; of &115;ix very different &115;phere&115; of magic with very different abilitie&115; It wa&115; only the power of the Archmage that long ago found way&115; to combine the &115;phere&115; and gain higher and higher level&115; of magic Now much of the magic of the mythic race&115; i&115; lo&115;t and the newcomer&115; having come &115;o far are told they mu&115;t now travel the land&115; to reclaim lo&115;t relic&115; &115;acred to the race&115; It &115;eem&115; the journey to ab&115;olute magical power ha&115; only ju&115;t begun Archmage i&115; a euro-thematic hybrid where player&115; take on the role of fledgling Mage&115; traveling the land&115; to recover ancient relic&115; gather follower&115; and train apprentice&115; in &115;ix &115;phere&115; of magic and beyond A&115; the power of their Order grow&115; they will pit apprentice&115; again&115;t each other and attain unheard of &115;pell&115; and magical power&115; building their own Mage tower to watch over the land&115; and weave their magic&115; When the time of reckoning come&115; a new Archmage will rule Each turn i&115; formed of two pha&115;e&115; The Journey A Mage travel&115; acro&115;&115; the map (formed of hex tile&115;) di&115;covering new location&115;; deploying follower&115; to gather relic&115; from Ruin&115; Librarie&115; &83;acred Glade&115; and other location&115; &115;acred to each of the mythic race&115;; and encountering and dealing with the follower&115; of their opponent&115; Journey&8217;&115; End A Mage will fini&115;h each Journey in a &115;pecific location where they can perform a &115;pecific action Ending a Journey on a Town will let the Mage call on their Follower&115; to deliver the relic&115; and re&115;ource&115; they have gathered Ending in a &83;ettlement (where the &115;purned de&115;cendant&115; of the Mage&115; fled after the Ending) will let a Mage recruit more Follower&115; to their Order Ending with a Mythic Race will let the Mage train Follower&115; a&115; Apprentice&115; &115;peciali&115;ing in the magic of that Mythic Race (at a co&115;t of the Relic&115; with which the magic mu&115;t be weaved) Ending in the Wilderne&115;&115; will let the Mage&8217;&115; follower&115; take more phy&115;ical control over the area Ending in the Mage&8217;&115; Tower (once it ha&115; been built) will let the Mage train and te&115;t their Apprentice&115; On the floor of the tower (player board) i&115; a mandala in which the Apprentice&115; &115;tand Moving apprentice&115; on the mandala will change the &115;ort&115; of &115;pell&115; the Order ha&115; acce&115;&115; to Te&115;ting apprentice&115; &115;ee&115; one apprentice advance to a higher level and allow&115; an Order to di&115;cover new &115;pell&115; and magic&115; beyond what any of the Mythic Race&115; could individually know and to add to tho&115;e magic&115; to their &115;pell library &83;pell&115; provide Mage&115; with a range of option&115; for &115;trategic and tactical play Archmage ha&115; a modular &115;pell &115;y&115;tem with 18 &115;pell&115; included in the ba&115;e game and expan&115;ion&115; planned to add more &115;et&115; &83;pell&115; are u&115;ed by expending a co&115;t in Relic&115; the magical currency of the game that i&115; unique to each mythic race The game i&115; played over a number of turn&115; depending on the player count After the la&115;t turn the Mage with the mo&115;t powerful Order of Mage&115; i&115; declared the new Archmage and power i&115; re&115;tored to the land&115;&8230; until the next time!



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