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      Apple's Core Products

      For more than thirty years, the company Apple, previously known as Apple Computer stepped up a gear in popularity. They mainly manufactured and sold personal computers hence the company name.  The Apple Mac computer is still used today, yet their core products got smaller and more entertaining. The iPod was born and the history of music changed fast into the new Apple digital world where you could simply buy via an online program and an Apple ID. Their iPods hold digital copies of music and in later models digital video. Since the breakthrough into the music business the smart phone was a critical part to the company growth.

      iPods, iPhones and iPads

      The smart phone sales grew at a dramatic rate and the iPhone not only replaced the chunky mobile, it held your iPod music and was a smart mobile phone. The iPhone isn't talked about in past tense because it is very much a must have mobile gadget today. The smart thing about this mobile phone is it's actually a small computer with a touch screen. Each year the Apple models progress to where they are at today with the iPhone 7 released in September 2016. The iPad has a large smart phone feel to it with many of the same attributes including the camera. Apple watches are the latest to hit the stores with another way to have quick, easy, convenient mobile computers no further than a fingertip away. We love speed and we don't like cables so the new Earpods are miniature wireless earphones designed to improve the experience again.

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